Åkerblom & Zenger – Live at Romu Jazz 2015


“Special DUO recording from 2015, featuring the crème de la crème of the younger generation of Finnish players – Max Zenger & Teemu Åkerblom

A unique live recording that stands the test of time, hear Max and Teemu improvise their way over 5 original compositions, using alt saxophone, flute and double bass with bow. Rich in detail and a surprisingly fresh set of songs. Very seldom do you get superlatives about something from the players themselves, but swear I heard a bird say “This one is f* good!”

Recorded 30.7.2015 by Sakari Laurila. Gig organized by Matti Luokkanen. Hand stamped and numbered LP limited to 250 copies.

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Live at Romu Jazz 2015


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