Jaan Kuman Instrumental Ensemble


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Repress alert! We’ve done a limited 500 copies re-run of this now-classic compilation of Estonian trumpeter Jaan Kuuman and his Instrumental ensemble, a record we originally released back in 2013. You won’t find any funkier jazz on the eastern side of the iron curtain from this period in time. In those days all recorded music was monitored and filtered but Jaan Kuman and his ensemble mastered the task of implementing western-style arrangements, inspired by long-distance radio broadcasts and underground cinema. The music is tight jazz-funk, nearly library in form with a slap of drama and catchy hooks that will have you coming back for repeated listening. We’ve slightly updated the sleeve from the 2013 edition so we don’t piss off any collectors. With the cult following Kuman has in Estonia, and originals from 2013 going for three-figure sums, most of these are already spoken for so please sweat it and be quick if you want one. Preorders are shipping now and a handful of copies in good record stores by the end of the month.

Note: only one copy per customer!