Oiro Pena LIVE


Johannes Sarjasto is back in the group and going all Pharoah Sanders mode in second part – not to be missed!!

The gig itself was like a sort of rabbit hole. The band dynamic was so dense that for a moment the walls of the venue became meaningless. But the atelier definitely added to the experience. Everything was so close and cozy that the band’s furious playing formed the rhythm for an inner journey to places I didn’t know existed in the Finnish jazz scene. The show held me in its grip right to the end, the sound shifting in an interesting manner as the players themselves were twisted about by their mutual intensity. There’s something really organic about what Oiro Pena are doing, the music is clearly built upon a respect for the sound, occurring exclusively within the moment. You can hardly say that the band performs, and it was really interesting to witness them move from one tangent to another in a way that was at times free-form, but with a constant sense of togetherness. Great gig!

Limited edition of 700 numbered copies. 180g vinyl, cover art silkscreened on the flipside of re-used old LP covers.
Special Mono cut by Timmion on their “new” Gotham cutter. Catalog number: Ultra-053 / Helmi182
(Ultraääni Records & Helmi Levyt collabo-release)

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