Feathers LP


“Enjoy Foat’s rhythmic mastery, jazz-infused mood, and cosmic synths, accompanied by Finland’s finest, including the legendary saxophonist Eero Koivistoinen.”

Greg Foat travels to Finland, teaming up once again with the Jazzaggression label to unveil “Feathers.” Building on the success of “Gone to the Cats,” the collaborative trio date with Aleksi Heinola and Teemu Åkerblom, “Feathers” follows a similar formula while expanding its musical horizons. “Feathers” introduces an even larger cast of Finnish musicians, including the notable inclusion of Finnish saxophone legend Eero Koivistoinen on tenor sax and the talented Ilmari Heikinheimo on percussion. Recorded over a stormy long weekend in mid-October 2022 at Jazzaggression’s in-house Studio Pelto, the album strikes a balance between precomposed tracks and spontaneously created pieces.

Devotees of Greg’s earlier releases are in for a treat, as “Feathers” skillfully merges his signature atmospheric touch with an expanded synthesis of sounds. Imagine the legendary Eero Koivistoinen infusing his prowess into the monumental jam “Riding the Breeze,” while tracks like “Feathers” and the contemplative “A Prayer for Love” showcase a downtempo elegance that lingers in the air.

Yet, “Feathers” doesn’t stop there—it delivers captivating jazz classics as well. Experience “The Sandpiper,” a bluesy minor jam reminiscent of the golden era of CTI Albums, or delve into the engaging rhythms of “Inconsequential Narrative” and the thematic intrigue of “As the Crow Flies.” A particularly enchanting aura envelops “When All Is Said and Done.” Its ephemeral minimalistic essence captures a spontaneous late-night allure, compelling the engineer to “Keep the tape rolling…”—the kind of magic that can only be conjured in the moment.

With “Feathers,” Greg Foat brings his animalistic trilogy of albums on Jazzaggression to a triumphant close, possibly delivering his most exceptional recording yet.

Album comes limited to 1000 copies, sealed with hype sticker and hold a coloured insert with photos documenting the recording, with info and digital download of album.

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