Live at Club 7 1973 LP


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After the dissolution of the Norwegian Psych rock outfit DREAM by the end of the 1960s, Christian Reim embarked on a new musical venture with the group BASH. Following his time with Dream, where he had already begun to experiment with pop and rock, Christian found himself exploring further creative depths with BASH.

As The DREAM disbanded, pivotal figures like Hans-Marius Stormoen and Terje Rypdal embarked on separate musical journeys. Collaborations with luminaries like Jan Garbarek and Jon Christensen became defining moments. By 1971, however, The Dream’s curtain had closed. Undeterred, Christian, armed with his modified Hammond B3 organ, continued to play bass using foot-pedals. Amidst these transformations, the unwavering partnership of his longtime collaborator, drummer Tom Karlsen, remained steadfast.

BASH’s presence was initially marked by a single release in 1971, with tracks “Quiquenita” and “Kokosnøtter” on the Nor-Disc imprint. While featuring an impressive line-up of jazz musicians, this studio session was a one-time endeavour. BASH continued to make waves, performing as an Organ Trio led by Christian and Tom. Various Oslo-based guitarists, including notable names like Freddy Dahl, Nils Petter Nyren and Freddy Lindquist, joined the lineup throughout 1972 and 1973.

However, this live recording encapsulates a pivotal phase in BASH’s evolution. The winter of ’73 marked a significant shift with the addition of Richard Rolf from the illustrious Swedish band November. Richard’s entrance added another layer of prowess and experience to the trio’s sonic landscape.

Diving into the performance is akin to reliving the Wednesday concert in April ’73. Every essence of the atmosphere is captured, even down to the engineer adjusting the reel-to-reel machine’s volume knob whenever the band’s intensity peaked. The recording boasts surprising elements, such as moments when Christian halts the performance to reset the rhythm with the drummer. Amidst the live renditions, a standout is Christian’s unique interpretation of Arild Wikstrøm’s “Indianersangen,” serving as a compelling opener. Its gradually unfolding theme resonates deeply and stands as a highlight, adding a significant dimension to the album’s value.

This live recording not only captures the essence of BASH’s performance, but it also transports listeners to a specific moment in time at the legendary CLUB 7 in Oslo.

The record is a first time publishing, and a limited 180g edition of only 250 copies, each hand-stamped and numbered. With a nod to the seventies, it also includes a replica of the original promotion sheet from the group’s heyday.

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