Ville Lähteenmäki Trio LP


‘Straight to the point, no fuss – and greedy tough!’ Jan Granlie / Salt Peanuts

‘The bass-clarinetist Ville Lahteenmäki’s raucous, ruggedly braying style makes him a notable addition to the Dolphy-Murray-Mahall lineage that produces maximum excitement with every outpouring of notes. His accompanists, drummer Nicolas Leirtre and bassist Trym Saugstad Karlsen, are like himself, students at the renowned Trondheim Conservatory, an institution whose impact on European jazz has been significant in modern times.”
– Kevin Le Gendre / Jazzwise

‘Lähteenmäki is indeed very distinctive and original in his music. Although in some of the quietest parts the thought of John Coltrane, for example, creeps into the back of my head, the voice is that of a young and skilled musician who knows the history of the genre well.”
– Arto Murtovaara / Kulttuuritoimitus

Ville Lähteenmäki Trio is a fresh jazz band formed in Trondheim 2022, featuring young Finnish and Norwegian musicians.
Influenced by American jazz legends of the 60s and 70s, they blend energetic playing, bold melodies,
and intense improvisations in the Dolphy-Murray-Mahall lineage

2nd pressing. Edition of 300. Silkscreened sleeves. This item ship by end of May.

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